A Marvellous Food Review | California Grill at the Contemporary Resort | Disney Dining Plan


We take a trip to the Contemporary resort, jump in the private elevator to the 15th floor to soak up the incredible views that California Grill has to offer!

Welcome to a new series of Vlogs! Nath and I were lucky enough to have the Disney dining plan and we tried a lot of restaurants. A Marvellous Food review, we are going to be talking about the best and worst table service meals that we tried during our Disney Honeymoon. When we were planning our trip we researched a lot of the places to eat and planned from there were we wanted to use our credits.

These reviews we hope will help give you some information on where is best to eat and what are the main points of the restaurants.

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21 thoughts on “A Marvellous Food Review | California Grill at the Contemporary Resort | Disney Dining Plan

  1. That view 😱😍. Another great vlog buddy, that oak beef looked incredible. It all looked amazing and great edit again

    1. Thank you so much for watching and your support it means so much to me! Wouldn’t have had the confidence to do it without you guys! 💙😊

  2. Another great video chaps . I’m starting to see a pattern now 🤔….. quick service chicken tenders , table service a big juicy steak 🤤. Top food and one of the best views in Orlando 🎆🎇🌠🤩

    1. Haha I was wondering how long it would take someone to notice, your the first 😊 I do live steak and I’m sure it’s all I ate this trip lol thank you for watching guys 😊

  3. Another brillant vlog Craig! Hopefully one day we can try cali grill, just got to find something for my picky eater (which he is probably worse than you 😂😂😂😂) xxx

    1. Haha yes! I’ll admit that I think Gareth is worse than me 😉 but there will be something there for him! It was stunning you’ll have to go there one time 😊 xxxx

  4. This was an absolute pleasant food review! I’m now more excited to eat here for the 1st time. Wonderful review!! 💗

    1. You will have to let us know what you think! It’s so incredible here and the views are amazing x

  5. Another marvelous review (watched whilst drinking from my marvelous mug 😉 ) This looks incredible,you have made me want to try it!xx

    1. Hope you like the mug and thank you for watching! It was utterly beautiful and definitely a good place to celebrate 😊 xx

  6. Really liked this review. They are beginning to be a fave series of mine. Love the views, the food seems lovely but I really enjoyed the editing of happily ever after. My fave most inspirational part of it appeared in your vlog 🥰😍😘

    1. The food was absolutely amazing and I was worried it wouldn’t be as interesting as the others as it was a signature meal! But thank you for checking it out lovely I’m glad you like it! Xx

  7. Absolutely loved this guys! A great video and very informative! We’ve yet to do this restaurant but you’ve totally sold it to us! Thanks for sharing 💛👍🏻

    1. It’s fantastic! We weren’t sure about it but definitely no regrets about eating here even just for those fireworks! Thank you for watching guys 💙

  8. Hi Craig, most definitely another fab ‘ Marvelous ‘ food review 😚 Ooh what a stunning restaurant, looks & sounds really special. Glad you & Nathan had such a great time there x

    1. It was honestly one of the best places we ate and so happy to have eaten there! Thank you for watching lovely I really appreciate it 😊💙 xx

  9. Great review xx ❤️ I loved it here..not my favourite, I love citricos, but a close 2nd for me xx

    1. We’ve not tried citricos! But it’s definitely on the list for next time, thank you for watching lovely xx

  10. I have never been eaten here but would love to! There is just so many places to eat at WDW! I would have had the beef that you had it looked amazing. That view was just awesome!! What a place to watch the fireworks loved those at the end of the video! Loved this vlog Craig! x

    1. Thank you so much! I was worried it wouldn’t be as interesting as it hadn’t got any characters but it was honestly the best place we ate the food was a whole new level! And we can’t wait to eat here again. Even if you just grab a drink at the bar you can watch the fireworks 😊 xx

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