Dying to know where you should eat at Disney? Well get ready for the best food at Disneyland/California Adventure! These are some of my all time favorites, new discoveries and quick stops I love to make at the parks! Which ones are your favorites? I’m always looking for new spots to try!

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  1. We went to every single cart at the food and wine festival and spent well over $200 snacking 😂 #worthit

    1. I feel like if I went over the course of several weeks I could do it in a cost-efficient way. But there was no way I could do it over the few days I was there! Haha

  2. rancho del zocalo has been my favorite literally since like 2005!!! best Mexican food in the perfect location & their chips are amazing !!!

  3. So my grandparents surprised me for my graduation gift I’m going to Disneyland! I’m so excited because I haven’t gone to Disneyland since I was like 11! Now I’m rewatching your tips about Disneyland so I’m a pro when I get there 😊💖

    1. kenziemacbrown Even if it’s not the most entertaining video, I just appreciate you putting that information out there for people like me who don’t go to Disneyland a lot 😊

    2. Oh good!! It probably won’t be the most entertaining video BUT I tried SO hard to figure the MaxPass out before I went and I was so beyond confused that I felt like it was worthwhile! I figured I probably wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand how it worked 🙂

    3. kenziemacbrown Yay!! I’ve actually been wanting to learn more about MaxPass so that’s perfect! I’m excited to see those videos! 😊

    4. Oh my gosh no way! That’s so exciting!! That is so nice of them! I have a few more Disney videos coming too that I already filmed (one about planning outfits and another about the “MaxPass” feature).

  4. Hate to bother you again but what if I am in between sizes for a fur? I know in one of your videos you mentioned it. Can that affect my chances of being a face character? I know you have to have fur training but can that affect me chances?

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