California Food and Wine Festival Preview | Disney California Adventure

The California Food and Wine Festival has kicked off and will continue till April 23rd, the longest festival yet! At the Food and Wine Festival, you can partake in small plates all inspired by the produce of California. On top of the food, guests can check out cooking classes and wine tastings. It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

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10 thoughts on “California Food and Wine Festival Preview | Disney California Adventure

  1. Food and Wine season officially doesn’t have to end, now I just have to get over to Cali! A x

  2. Tom!!! Katrina and Tyler too!!! Awesome! Wow $13.25 for that drink. I like the different food options. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yesterday I posted a comment, and then accidentally deleted it when I attempted to edit it (which is something I’ve done more times than I care to admit!). lol Anyway, in a nutshell, what I said was: (1) The pizza egg rolls are a good way for the less adventurous non-foodies to feel as though they are participating in the Food & Wine Festival if they don’t like any of the more complex offerings; (2) The pizza egg rolls seem to suffer from the Hot Pocket Syndrome — which is when you get all the pepperoni in the first bite, and then the rest of it is all sauce and cheese, and (3) I don’t understand anyone who doesn’t like pizza of some kind! How does that happen? lol I will also add that…

    …I think I would actually prefer a magnet over a button. AND I am glad that both Tyler and Tom are there to eat the bulk of the food, since Katrina is limited in what she can eat. I know that a lot of people are gluten-intolerant these days, or suffer from other allergies or diseases that require regular dietary restrictions (it’s great to hear about the gluten-free foods now and then too) — but I still tend to think that the majority of theme park guests are *probably* able to eat most of the food that is offered in the parks (Disney wouldn’t be making and selling certain food items if no one was buying them). So it helps to have at least two opinions on all of that food, especially when there is so much of it to eat!

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