California MEGA FOOD FEAST + VidCon – Eric Vlog Time #21

This Video is a CALIFORNIA FOOD FEAST, but I also went for VidCon, the largest online video conference in the world. Good Times!
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10 thoughts on “California MEGA FOOD FEAST + VidCon – Eric Vlog Time #21

  1. Fun vlog! I liked seeing around Vidcon since Ill never really get a chance to go.
    (Guy gives eric Blowpop )
    Eric: This is the best day of my life
    Guy: SWEET bro!

    I love the unexpected Dad Jokes!

  2. Etic, was the sausage burrito from deli taco? First u said TACO BELL then u said Dell taco ???

  3. I live in California and I’ve gotta say your description of the wave is the most Californian thing I’ve ever heard I love it! It was a narly wave bro!😂🤙🏽

  4. lol.. how can you stand out if everyone’s following the same strategies? Instagram & other social media platforms are making money, but that’s it. The only way you’ll get big is if the Youtube algorithm decides to promote your videos. Eric, Tabieats, cupofTJ, chonnyday etc are some of my favorite food bloggers, but google decides to push rubbish from gordon ramsay, Mark Weins, Mickey Chen & Bon Appétit into my feed

  5. “can I have a bean & cheese burrito, no cheese..”
    I’m not the biggest fan of Mexican beef, but that’s one amazing serve

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