CALIFORNIA VLOG #3: DTW to LAX, Filipino Food, Daiso Japan & Santa Monica | DAY 1

Hey there! I recently went on a trip to California from Michigan from August 9-12th. The flight was about four and a half hours and we left 10:20am eastern time and arrived 12:10pm pacific time. I got picked up at the airport and we headed to Big Boi Filipino and it was a really cute small restaurant. I thought their food was pretty good, but apparently I was told it’s not authentic. I just got the pork tocino, garlic rice and pan de sal. Then there was this cool toy store next door but I didn’t buy anything. Afterwards we walked down to BSweet and I got some ube cheesecake. Across the street there was a Daiso Japan so of course I had to go there and pick up a few items. Then we headed over to Santa Monica Pier and just walked around for a little bit and I bought a license plate and 2 keychains. After that we drove to Arcadia to attend 626 Night Market by 4pm which you will see in my next video. ^_^ I hope you enjoy!

EDIT: At the beginning of the video I made a mistake in the title. For the date it says 9.09.19 but it should be 8.09.19 .. still me It’s August not September. omg..

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  1. Nice! Never been to Cali, but felt like I was there. πŸ˜‰ Also loved seeing the actual sites from GTA5 πŸ˜‚

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