California’s Home For The Best Cambodian Food || Eat Seeker: Nyum Bai

An underrepresented cuisine across the country, Cambodian food has been slept on. This underrepresentation presented itself as an opportunity for chef-owner Nite Yun to open Nyum Bai. An ode to Cambodia’s “Golden Era”, the walls of the colorful Oakland restaurant are covered in rare Cambodian rock records from the 1960s and filled with the smells of a Cambodian kitchen. Chef Yun’s pride and joy are her kuy teav phnom penh, a piping hot bowl of rice noodles, she grew up eating every weekend and based off her mother’s own recipe. As Yun puts it, “Vietnamese has pho. Japanese has ramen. We have kuy teav phnom penh.”

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Phoebe Melnick

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Nyum Bai

Track Title: Stay True
Composer: Steven Devilliers

Track Title: Everything
Composer: Jesse Gonzalez, Alexander Valente

Track Title: Inner Island
Composer: Nicolas Boscovic, Tom Hillock

Track Title: A Love Yet To Happen
Composer: Frank Abington

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15 thoughts on “California’s Home For The Best Cambodian Food || Eat Seeker: Nyum Bai

  1. who else felt sad when she said her friends would leave right after lunch 🙁 food looks amazing glad you found your roots!

  2. Another nice recognition for Nyum Bai which made multiple lists for top new restaurants of 2018 (Bon Appétit, Eater, Thrillist). I get to the area quite often but rarely make it over to Oakland. This joint really has piqued my interest. Love this series. 👍

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