Carnival games, food and fun at the San Diego County Fair!

The Crane Couple is back at the San Diego County Fair for some great carnival games, food and fun! The San Diego County Fair is one of the most popular fairs in southern California, and this year looks to be even more OZ-some – thanks to this year’s Wizard of Oz theme! Come join us as we show off some of what the fair has to offer this year, from the Wizard of Oz memorabilia to the plants and flowers in the garden, cute animals on the farm, and of course some delicious fair food and insane skill carnival game wins – and also see one of our biggest carnival game prize wins ever!

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14 thoughts on “Carnival games, food and fun at the San Diego County Fair!

  1. Hi guys, we’re really pleased to bring you our big San Diego County Fair 2019 video! We went on opening day and had a fantastic time – if you wanna see more from the fair, please let us know! Thanks for watching and have an awesome day 🙂

    1. Hi Julius and Brittani
      Wow that is one BIG prize you have to go back to get him a girlfriend so he is not alone.

  2. Have you guys come across that clown fish plush dressed up as a clown, yet? I saw it in the background in that video you guys took from Florida at that Expo. I thought it was neat.

  3. Wow in Kentucky our County Fairs are not even a fourth of this size and they don’t have a theme.

  4. You guys would love the Bloomsburg Fair in Pennsylvania!! So much amazing food and soooo many games and rides! I hope you guys could go one year! 😊

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