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HEY everyone! We are a Army Family currently stationed in Alaska. We vlog our day to day lives the good and the bad…but regardless of anything we always try to stay positive and ALWAYS silly and REAL! My name is Kiara and I am a stay at home mom to our baby boys Decorey,Jericho and Kalia..+ our dogs Kacey,Chance and Rocky. My husband Desmond (35) is in the U.S Army…We left Alaska in Dec.2017 and now we are living in Texas… ! Thanks so much for watching and Please subscribe to join our family !

Thanks so much for watching 😊

11 thoughts on “CHIT CHAT Mexican Food Mukbang. California Cravings. Texas vloggers.

  1. Hi guys this is Tony from California Cravings, and I first want to thank you for featuring us on 2 of your videos we alpreciate that you guys enjoy our food. 2nd we do speak English California Cravings is a Combat Vet owned business and as a matter of fact out of pur whole staff only 4 of us Speak Spanish and 1 just started today. As for refried beans , well we go for fresh and in my opinon smashed beans are used by restaurant to hide age of product . i will do it when it is requested however . I sae you tasted pineapple in a meat it must have been oir Al Pastor. I actually love the format of the videos and would love to do one with you guys to address questiins like were brought up in the video as I am sure many Cravers (customers) have questions or thoughts like yours . Again thank you for imcluding us in ypur family Vlog it is an honor.

  2. Aunt Nel’s voice is so sweet, soothing and spirit filled. Like she can hypnotize someone lol.

  3. Omg that looks so good. Latin food is always the bomb. All you have there I make homemade. Yummy.

  4. Lol omg their face when ur talking about tostones and pork lol 😝 u right pop Dominican and Haitians are intertwined and in PR it’s African intertwined preach on guys lol pop had stank face on lol hilarious

  5. He really pissed me off when he said speak English… Negro this is my house. His step dad sounds ignorant af. It’s not the same…… ignorant.

  6. Haiti and DR are right next to each other but everything is different. Even the way the foods are seasoned. They may look alike but it’s completely different.

  7. The food looked bomb 😊 se me antojo!! And plantains do taste yummy i fry them in oil and put Lechera on them and eat them with a glass of milk 😋😋😋😋

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