Disney California Food and Wine 2019 Guide | Trying 20+ items and HIDDEN TREATS?!

Disney California’s Food & Wine Festival is BACK! We try over 20 different items and track down this year’s hidden snacks. I also break down the Sip & Savor pass benefits, how to SKIP THE LINE at popular marketplaces, and even share some menu hacks!

Food & Wine is on now through April 23rd at Disney California Adventure park! What are your must-haves this year!?

Check out my Instagram story highlights for photos of every Marketplace and hidden snack location menu (with prices!) and where that kiosk can be found in the park:

Looking for vegan and vegetarian options? Be sure to check out my friend The Healthy Mouse!
Here’s her roundup of offerings:

I’m sure you saw a sneaky Patrick in there, too! Be sure to check his Food and Wine video for even more tastings:

Disney’s official (and most descriptive) selection of offerings can be found here:

Disney’s official guide to everything Food & Wine as to offer here:

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13 thoughts on “Disney California Food and Wine 2019 Guide | Trying 20+ items and HIDDEN TREATS?!

  1. I have missed the pork roast from Citrus Grove SO MUCH. I ate so much of it last year oh man. Bless it’s return 🙏🏻🙌🏻

  2. Saw you guys yesterday and said hi! I was too nervous to, but I’m glad I got to meet you all 🙂 I had those egg rolls too and loved em! But I need to try the pie and macaron now.

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