Durian Taste Test || Filipino Food Market Shopping California

Recently I got a lot of requests to trying different types of filipino food and snacks. So i called my friends Chris Masie and his brother Peter and we when the the seafood city market in Rancho Cucamonga California to try some of the food that was suggest by you my friends in the Philippines. We tried… Durian fruit, moby, and much much more.

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17 thoughts on “Durian Taste Test || Filipino Food Market Shopping California

  1. Shrimp chips are pretty good. LOL at the slow mo laugh! should’ve shown more footage of you guys eating durian. I had the sweat corn thing before!!

  2. It was so much fun trying all the different snacks but the durian was meant to look more yellow and ours looked like coconut inside

    1. that would be a great idea for a video! lol. maybe i need someone who actually knows what they are doing and we can compare mine and theirs . lol

  3. That’s fun! I enjoyed watching you guys . Your having fun with our foods .. Hmmm… Oh, durian is smelly but it’s yummy. You can only taste the best star apple here fresh the tree is good. Not that frozen one. Try, tuyo or dried fish. Haha..

    1. yeah we just brought it all come home at started eating..lol. I think i might need to try Durian again with someone that knows what they are doing. lol

    1. hey thanks bro! You are always should a good support! the first of the japan series is tomorrow, that trip was so much fun!

  4. Have u try the dried mango?mobi is good,kids and adults love it,star apple taste good when it’s so soft and ripe

  5. Smells bad the durian but it’s yummy,it’s expensive fruit we rarely eat that but try the durian candy instead,it’s ok we understand if u guys don’t like it,hihi…sweet corn it’s my fave way back when I was a kid until now ..hihi

    1. yeah lots of people like it. maybe i should try the candy. I’ll go back to that market in a future video, maybe live stream on facebook.

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