Eating delicious Peruvian Food at Mr Pollo in West Covina, CA

So this afternoon, I called up a buddy to see if he was down to get some lunch since I was in the neighborhood. He told me to swing by so when I did, they asked me to try some egg tart from 85 degrees and some expresso.

Now I never drink coffee and after a sip of the expresso, I can see how people get wired after drinking that. The bitterness is overwhelming but when coupled with the sweet and buttery egg tart, its actually not a bad combo.

Soon after, we headed towards Mr Pollo up the street on Azusa and got to try out this Peruvian spot in a little strip mall. We actually just beat the lunch rush and for good reason.

The food was amazing… both the lomo saltado and half rotisserie chicken combo was outstanding. The flavor explosion was blissful and what really topped it off were the sauces. The chimichurri was the best I have ever had. The cook on the lomo saltado was marvelous as the high eat charred the vegetables perfectly but kept them nice and crunchy.

I need to visit Mr Pollo once a month to be honest. I have become extremely addicted to it. I cannot wait to go back!

Thank you Lloyd for bringing me here.
Til the next one folks!
Drew @manleyeats