fill Ds -160 usa visa application form step by step

in this video we have shown how to fill Ds – 160 usa visa application form step by step in english and hindi this is the step 1 to go about the usa visa application for indian and foreign nationals after this we need to on the vfs usa website and the take the appointment for the interview ,

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Author : Abhishek Sharma
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23 thoughts on “fill Ds -160 usa visa application form step by step

  1. I’m going for us for my sister marriage I have a invitation Letter. My Problems are I don’t know what to fall in as my purpose of my trip to the us

  2. Dear sir, 

    I have a invite letter from our client and they have mentioned the meeting start date is 25th of March for 2 weeks and also they have mentioned I may require to visit multiple times in intervals. 

    I have given intended date of arrival is 23rd of March but my date of interview is 20 & 21 March, so how should I manage this in getting my visa approved. 

    I am little afraid as my visa interview date is close to the intended date of arrival I have mentioned. 

    Please guide me. 


    Mohammad Basheer


    1. +Abhishek Sharma Dear sir,
      Could you please help me on how can I go and reschedule to earlier date, it would be a great help for me. If possible kindly provide your mobile number to contact. Else just give a call to my number 9036511785. Please guide me.

      Thanks & regards,

    2. Dear basheer if you want to prepone your usa visa appointment you need to log in the system for usa visa appointment every morning at 10 am, as the visa dates change, you can get a early date for usa non . immigrant visa appointment.

    1. Well if you are married and you are applying for the American visa and you are married then you do need to mention your spouse name as its good to show the name of your wife.

  3. travel plan = yes .. should we purchase airline tickets before filling this form ??? Thanks.

    1. never buy the tickets before you apply for the USA visa and present in front of us visa officer at the time of the ​interview, they never ask people to show tickets and the hotel booking.

  4. i have started to fill .iafter filling 1 st page pressed tge save butten .and lost internet.
    then started retrieving the same after puttung my visa form.number . it asked me diff security q .like what r 1 st 5 letters of your surname and my year if birth .then tgere was my security q … but its coming that my surname and year differs ..what must have happened ?

    1. I can help you to apply for your usa visa application and also I can book your appointment for the same.

  5. Sir, I applied for usa visa from Sweden. But I refused. I am a student of Linkoping University, Sweden, I want to go new york for meet my uncle. My uncle is an American citizen (permanent resident card holder)…. I addresses the refusal letter…….. Dear applicant,

    This is to inform you that you have been found ineligible for a Nonimmigrant visa under section 214(b)of us immigration and nationality act. A denial under section 214(b)means that you did not meet the requirements of the classification of the Nonimmigrant visa for which you applied……… Visa office said me you apply again and edit your requirements of classification. But I don’t understand where I have to edit ds-160 forms…. In purpose of your trips I wrote business pleasure visitor, purpose of your trip the u. s specify.. I wrote business & tourism (temporary visitors (b1/b2)…. Please give me feedback where I have to edit and what can I do….. Thank you Sir.

    1. this is ok that you have applied for b1 b2 category visa, but your status in Sweden should be clear and also your student visa expiry make a big difference for your USA visa application, please tell me the validity of your Schengen student visa.

  6. I have a query sir , If i pay for 3 members together and get only one receipt number , will I require 3 separate receipt for each of us or will single receipt number be sufficient.

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