Food and Wine Festival 2019 – Disney California Adventure COMPLETE overview!

Are you trying to figure out what to do at Disneyland during the food and wine festival? It can seem overwhelming, but this video is here to show you what food and drink items there are, as well as a glimpse of the various items for sale too. We even try some of the foods in the video!

From March 1 to April 23, discover the beauty and celebrate the bounty of California with unforgettable cuisine, beverages and events.

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8 thoughts on “Food and Wine Festival 2019 – Disney California Adventure COMPLETE overview!

  1. All that food looked so good! How can one person possibly eat it all before the festival is over! Is that even possible? I supposed if you were t go every day the entire run of the festival you’d be able to do it.
    Great video! Thanks for sharing all the unique booths. I love the histories presented on each food destination about the different food items and their production in the state of Ca.

  2. Omg that look amazing n beautiful it look really peace full 💖💜 thank you so much for sharing auntie hehe

  3. Yum! Everything looked SO delicious. My husband and I havent experienced the food and wine festival yet and we have been to Disney world at least 9 times. Epcot is my favorite place!
    We would love to visit Cali one day and check out disney land. My husband has been to Cali once on business and said the weather was fantastic.

    1. That’s awesome, I’ve only been to Disney World twice! You should definitely come out here!

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