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Welcome to Food Friday! ALFREDO’S FRUIT CART!!

This is my new weekly video that will be a food experience, focused on the exploration of all the delicious restaurants and fun food stops along my Travel Man Dan adventures!

I wanted to showcase the food I sample, and the excitement of new restaurants or the nostalgia that comes from eating at a classic local restaurant or a new hip inspired food truck. Basically anything that’s sounds tasty and scrumptious…I’m going to investigate and try to sample!

Food is a joy to everyone and it was critical that I show off everything from the exotic culinary around the world to the basic simple down home good ass cooked meals to my community.

Equally just as important as the food i eat, I started this weekly video to showcase the great establishments I visit and the cool people that make these awesome places come to life with vibrant flavorful meals, and the passionate people who make this a overall wonderful offering.

So enjoy this video of me, Travel Man Dan as I show you my weekly episodes called FOOD FRIDAY!!

This episode is showing the delicious ALFREDO’s FRUIT CART!!!

Los Angeles has hundreds of fruit vendors scattered all over the city but try to stop by and say hello to Alfredo! His fruit is delicious, fresh and he is extremely kind and friendly!

On a hot afternoon in LA nothing hits the spot like a few fresh pieces of fruit dripping with lime juice and peppered with chili flakes!MMMM…

This Video was shot on location at the corner of Vermont and Prospect/Hollywood blvd. (Its a short section of the street where Hollywood blvd into prospect) And although there are many other locations, this is the one you wanna visit. In this video you’ll see the amazing vendor Alfredo and how he dices up the many varieties of fruit in his cart.

So many fruits to choose from so in this video I show you what the variety plate looks like. Oranges, Juicy pineapples, fresh mango, perfect papayas, exotic jicamas, baby sweet cucumbers, honey dew, watermelon and a few pieces of coconut!

Some other highlights in this week’s episode is the friendly personality Alfredo has and how he treats each customer with care and quality service. I got to talking with him and he loves what he does and it shows-much respect to you Alfredo! Also you can get the number for his party service, so if your having a get together, or birthday bash, or you just want a fruit cart at your house for your guests you can get Alfredo’s Fruit to come to your event.

Thanks again to Alfredo for making me feel very welcomed and for serving up some of the freshest fruit in LA! The fruit is why I wanted to visit and it was wonderful and if you make it to Los Angeles please stop by and say you saw him on Travel Man Dan! Each piece of fruit had a amazing taste and was filled with tons of flavor!

Here is phone number if you wanna call him: (323)799-5084

Here is the streets for all his locations:
1.Vermont/Hollywood Blvd (Alfredo’s works here, location in video)
2. Hillhurst (directly in front of Coffee Bean)
3. Figueroa and Avenue 36
4.Fletcher St. and San Fernando

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Thanks as always for watching along my adventures!

“It’s a big world out there, make sure you see every bit of it!”
-Travel Man Dan


    1. Tyler Ostrin wait..are you the guy in the video eating with his girlfriend? Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed- you know this is the spot! This place is amazing- thanks for the comment👍👏

    1. This guy’s Fruit Stand is awesome!! you need to pay him a visit its worth it! thanks for watching and appreciate your comment-Enjoy the fruit!🙌🙏👍

  1. Beautiful fruit cart👌!a healthy bowl of lucky charms😆!! I can’t believe the way you can eat,that fruit was gone in less than 16 minutes 😯!! Love food Friday and all your travels and I especially love the city of Angels ✌☮💓💕

    1. LISA Salay haha thanks Lisa! Really appreciate you watching and spending your time to watch TMD! Yeah because I too love LA I’ll do my best to continue making cool episodes centered around the life here in LA- thanks again- congratulations on your new gig! And best wishes to you and the family!👍👏🍺🍺

  2. Super like the video you made, 🤗each issue will surprise us🎉. Thank you so much.😉

    1. 刘宇 thank you very much! I’m glad your enjoying watching, I really appreciate the comment🙏👍

  3. 这是在加州吗?都有些什么水果呢?我很喜欢美国的樱桃🍒和提子🍇。

    1. 刘宇 yeah they are on every corner in LA they are delicious! I too love the cherries! Thanks so much for watching, appreciate you 👏Xiexie!

    1. Julie Li awe thanks so much! Enjoy and hope your jet lag disappears soon, appreciate the comment and best to you!👍👏

    1. Charlie Xu thank you! LA fruit stands are wonderful- thanks for watching appreciate it. 👏👍

    1. Wildcatsleet42 GG thank you, it was a lot of fun to film- Alfredo was a great guy and the fruit was delicious! Appreciate the comment and thanks for watching👍👏

    1. Estefani Espinoza yup! This guy was awesome and LA Fruit carts are delicious, if your in LA try to check him out- thanks for the comment and appreciate you watching!👍🍍🍈🍉🍊🍊🥥🥒

    1. Adam Hersh thanks man! Yea this guy’s fruit cart was really good! And I suggest it to everyone- appreciate you watching and see you around!👍👏

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