Found more Indonesian Food in California

Hey guys,

Hope you all are well. We found another new Indonesian restaurant in GLA (Greater Los Angeles) area. In the city of El Monte California

They served many kind of foods from Singkawang City Kalimantan, Indonesia.

My family and I are enjoying all the food that we ordered.
Such as Rujak (Fruit mixed with peanut dressing), Choy Pan (Vegetables/jicama steam dumpling), Nasi Campur (Rice with assorted meats on top), Yam Mien (Dried noodles) and Laksa (curry soup noodles).
They have many more in the menu.

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Thank you so much for watching!

8 thoughts on “Found more Indonesian Food in California

    1. agus Supriyanto Yes, I tasted Meat ball and sweet martabak both are delicious. Thanks for watching😊

    2. @MCALHANIES Indonesia is rich in delicious food, I recommend you try meatballs and egg martabak for you to try.

  1. Doesn’t look bad🤓! Enjoy the rest of summer Mr. McAlhany

    P.S.- It’s Nicolas from 6th period😂

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