Jammin’ Chefs Full Show | Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival 2019

Hey there friends!

We spent the weekend exploring the California Food and Wine Festival at Disney’s California Adventure and stumbled on this really fun show featuring Chip & Dale along with some Jammin Chefs!! Bonus…Jude was chosen to participate!

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9 thoughts on “Jammin’ Chefs Full Show | Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival 2019

  1. What a fun show! So good to see Chip N Dale out and about performing. I’ve only ever seen them as meet n greets before.

  2. I love all the food puns. And Disney never fails to put on a good show. I think kinda think these smaller street shows are better & way more personal then the larger ones. Thanks again for sharing.

    We gotta go to Disneyland food and wine next year.

  3. We always love the fancy percussion stuff! And puns! And an Asa on stage! Jude was gettin’ down and simply knew in the end to take a bow toward the appreciative audience, hehe. One thing is for: We would not want to be the ones boogie-ing as Chip & Dale, lol. Whew! More power to ‘em. They were all great!

    1. Main Street ASA Lol, yeah, even our name is a pun. We can’t help it! But so is yours, hehe!

      Jude might be a future cast member!

    2. Park Hopping Mad Chip and Dale definitely had some moves! 🤣 We thought of you guys while editing because of all the puns! Jude is a natural on stage haha! Thanks for watching friends 🤗

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