Live Fish Food – California Blackworms Culture For My Bettas!

Look, another vid on live fish food! California blackworms are a great culture to keep for my bettas. What ARE these things and why are they so great anyways?
Fish love blackworms, especailly all the fish in my fish room. I need to get a nice culture going!
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26 thoughts on “Live Fish Food – California Blackworms Culture For My Bettas!

  1. Very interested in this! I have a culture of blackworms in my fridge, no filter or anything and I feed them zucchini ends, or, well, they eat the decaying zucchini ends, which I guess is the bacteria. Anyway, if there is a better way and a possibility to get the culture growing I’m very interested!

  2. I have one going but I’m using plain ink less cardboard pieces and I’ve been also feeding them some fish flakes . It seems like they’re healthy and getting really long . A friend told me it’s better to cut them in smaller pieces before feeding them to my bettas but I like the way they chase them when I release them into the containers 😅 I usually feed the smaller ones live

  3. My bettas don’t have any interest in bloodworms at all what all do you treat your bettas with so I can try them all.

    1. I think they would prefer live myself that’s why I’ve been checking out your videos I want to have my own cultures for my bettas, they deserve it. I got the dried bloodworms witch is not what I wanted, I wanted the frozen one’s in cubes but oh well.

  4. @simplybetta I have a quick question!! I just got my two bettas to breed, she dropped some eggs, and they have been wrapping for at least 2 hours.. now how do I know when they are done?! Will they continue to wrap until she’s done dropping eggs or just keep going at it?? Lol this is the first time I’ve bred and i really don’t want to mess this up! Helpppp

    1. They will keep wrapping until they’re done! The male will start chasing her away once it is finished

  5. Oh my goodness! Girl how can you touch those nasty things. Lol I can’t hardy any bugs. A lady bug is about the only thing I can touch & then I don’t look to close. I don’t want to see the nasty eyes & antanas. Lol Love your videos!

  6. Nice vid! I’m thinking of getting a betta. Do they do well with two guppies (about an inch) and 2 ghost shrimp (one an inch another 0.75 and still growing)

    1. It is possible it would do well and leave your guppies and shrimp alone. It is also possible that it will be mean. It just depends on the personality!

    1. +Simply Betta ??? Would really like to know what website Since the main website has stopped shipping altogether of blackworms and I can’t seem to find them anywhere

  7. Omg I love you! You and Rachel are my hero’s lol! Also quick question during the summer when it rains here in Oklahoma we get these long really thin little worms we call horse hair worms idk what they actually are. Are the black worms?

  8. I love these guys! Blackworms most commonly reproduce asexually through fragmentation. A worm breaks apart and both pieces redevelop whatever they’re missing and they become a completely new worm. Love your videos, Taylor!

    1. It worked really well for me when I kept blackworms. I would occasionally (and gently!) move the gravel around with my fingers to encourage fragmentation. Can’t wait for the update.

    2. I guess I could have explained that better in the video but I was being lazy! haha maybe in my update video. I have heard that because of that it is better to house them on a gravel substrate because it will encourage fragmentation but I’m not enturely sure how accurate that is

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