MY HUBBY EATS FILIPINO FOODS ( Ilocanos in California)

In this video Im gonna show you our trip to Sacramento from Yuba City California.

We attended a baptism in Elk Grove and my hubby tried all the Filipino foods that they served and he really love them. The food that he liked the most was the lechon baboy. I also let him try the suman made from cassava.

He got to meet my Ilocano friends and relatives and he enjoyed talking to them. And of course when we left, we took home some of the foods, puto, suman, turon, chicken cordon bleu and some of the lechon. It is actually an Ilocano tradition that when you attend a party like weddings, birthday, and baptism, you also get to take home some foods. In our town, we call it supot supot .

I hope you enjoy watching this video.

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