San Diego Food Tour – MASSIVE BURGERS and CRAZY TOSTADAS in California, USA!

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Thank you to my sister Pam and brother in law Derek for joining me on this food tour of San Diego, California! And during the video I said Oceanside once, but I meant *Ocean Beach. We were on a family vacation in California, but on one day, we decided to go on an ultimate San Diego California food tour. It was a lot of fun, and you’ll find all the information of all the places we ate below:

Breakfast at Northside Shack – We started off in the morning, and first headed to Northside Shack to try their highly rated açaí bowl. It’s a laid back kind of spot, and I ordered the $11 bowl which was the large size. The acai is frozen into a sorget, and then they layered it with granola, about 12 different kinds of fruits, and nuts and seeds. It was delicious and refreshing, great way to begin this food tour.

Hodad’s – Probably one of the most legendary of all restaurants in San Diego, California is Hodad’s serving massive double bacon cheeseburgers, and classic American food. The original location is located in Ocean Beach, and it has so much character, plastered with graffiti and stickers. Derek and I each ordered the double bacon cheeseburger, which is a monster burger. It takes some strategy to eat, but it was well worth it. It’s a delicious burger, and I also really enjoyed the onion rings. Price – $14.25

Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill – Pam and Derek had been here before and they knew it was good, so it was a restaurant in San Diego that I was looking forward to trying. You stand in line, order at the counter, and then find a seat. They offer fresh fish of the day, everything very fresh. We started with some oysters and the main dish, which was the best dish of the meal for me was the blackened black seabass. Delicious food, one of the best restaurants I ate at in San Diego. Total price – $65.23

Communal Coffee – Next we stopped to have a quick avocado toast and coffee. It was my first avocado toast at a restaurant, and although it was a little dainty, it was pretty awesomely delicious, a real treat. Price – $26.02 for everything (I think 3 coffees and avocado)

Nine Seas Seafood – Home of the Crazy Tostada, this seafood food truck is a gem of Mexican seafood. We ordered a few ceviches, not knowing how enormous the crazy tostadas were. They were huge, and packed with just about “everything from the sea.” But not only were the crazy tostates huge and crazy, but they were delicious, especially loaded with salsa. Total price – $24.75 for everything

And that completes this San Diego food tour. It was an amazing day and the food was delicious!


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130 thoughts on “San Diego Food Tour – MASSIVE BURGERS and CRAZY TOSTADAS in California, USA!

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    I enjoyed meal also

  2. I didn’t eat breakfast, and when Mark was eating that burger…that hurt so bad, it looked so so good 😭😭. I live in Cali State, and am glad you are here, it’s beautiful 😇

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    Those burgers look good enough to take a road trip for?👍

  6. Good choices on the food selection in San Diego. Grew up in Point Loma and Ocean Beach area you were in. Keep up the good work, really enjoy your videos.

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  24. btw burger this big never can be really good, because you can’t really enjoy the complexity of the flavors included… Best burgers I ever tasted always been missing most of ingredients I would build my perfect burger from… No salad, no tomato.. mostly just different kinds of cheese, meat, amazing bun and different sauces…

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  26. I’m a big guy, I cannot finish a double! I always just get the single cheeseburger there, but it’s a truly very tasty burger… the French fry’s are to die for, really good, they’re like potato wedges, but are packed with flavor. Hodads is a must try in life.

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