The Corrupted State of California and how it affected me… food for thought

First of all excuse the shaky camera. I was carrying groceries and I forgot. When you hear what I have to say you’ll see why I forgot , so forgive me. I question myself if I should post this or not but I’m thinking maybe someone may have some friendly advice are feel better knowing that they’re not alone because they might have experienced bullying at their place of employment One thing I want to point out is that I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else and that’s why I’m trying to be strong, to send a message to the other nurses that it’s okay to stand up when you know you’re right and your supervisors and managers have no rights to harass you for standing up for what you believe. Otherwise if I don’t hang in there, these wrongdoers win. This would send a message to the rest of the staff . ..if you speak up and against the supervising staff or management you get injured and you lose everything and good luck defending yourself haha remember what we did to nurse Michael we can do that to you too. It’s amazing how the innocent have to try to defend themselves on little bits of money while corrupt California has strategies lawyers and money to make sure that nobody beats them. I’m just thinking out loud. I wouldn’t want my kids grow up and put themselves through school and then have them go to work and be bullied for standing up for what they believe in. the people in charge know they’re wrong but are so prideful in themselves that they would never admit it. Justice is supposed to be two-sided balance unbiased and Fair. It seems that the only ones who get to give their side are the ones who pay to give it the rest are ignored are pushed aside or padded on the head like a child. Jesus says there is no Justice here on Earth and that revenge is his so I believe in Jesus Christ I’m just wondering how the perpetrators are going to explain themselves to the Heavenly Father and the true Son.

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  1. I don’t even believe there were dinosaurs 🦕 it’s all a lie to help make evolution seem possible.

    1. Sarah Howard before I got distracted in my own mind that was going to be my point, I don’t believe in dinosaurs that was a big lie! There’s no such thing as T-Rex there never has been!

  2. Michael~ Romans 12:19 (now) says: ” Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord ”
    WHAT ?…. “give place to wrath”, and contradicting the first few words of “avenge not yourselves”. And look how wrong the punctuation is as well. I first looked up at using kjv translation.
      So I checked in my 1979 and 1942 old AKJV’s real paper bibles sadly knowing what I would find. My 1942 is older than that, but for some strange reason the publishing date no longer exists anywhere in it. It was my Mother’s bible given to her by her Mother. Most likely at her Lutheran church confirmation. Anyways, do you see it? I will write it correctly as it is what I heard in my spirit while listening to you with great empathy.
    ” Dearly Beloved, avenge not yourselves, and give NO place to wrath. For vengeance is mine. I will repay (some versions added with recompense here), saith the Lord.”
     I will say and agree….The Lord will repay, with recompense. Justice (is coming) for God’s People , and Judgement for the wicked…soon. Holy Spirit began to teach me about the Justice and Judgement in around 2010 as I was also going thorough something. It was a wild, hopeful, and very sobering study w/ much revelation and understanding given. Yet, I had never in all my yrs. heard one sermon or bible study on : “The Justice of God”. smh~ I know there is far more Justice coming though, for many. God has given us great patience , temperance, and faith to endure~
    I fully understanding how much of a horror and fear to some this can be. Bible changes. I am compelled lately to no longer hide it, and carefully write about it. It is kind of hard not to when wanting to give a scripture to someone w/ Chapter and Verse, and it’s all messed up or out and out wrong~ Michael you know I am older, and my teeth were cut, and foundation laid on Akjv and then Auth. Amplified ( which has changed terribly as well ) : Also I, and all my peers used real books back then like a Concordance and Vine’s Exp. bible dictionary w/ our swords/bibles…no tech. I actually went to, and had weekly in home real live bible studies too~ so grateful for those times now. Truth lives in us, and scripture is written on our (new) hearts, always.
    No fear…keep trusting in and with rest and peace. ~H

  3. Ok I liked psalms 5 but it was pretty harsh. Psalms 12 was perfect 😄 but find the one that resonates with your spirit, it may make you cry. Then sing it. If God’s in it, you don’t need instructions it will just flow. Win against your enemies !!!! In Jesus name Amen

  4. Hi Michael, I know and feel your pain all too well! The work that I did in California wasn’t even considered when I went for disability it just wasn’t on their time frame. I know I didn’t work a long time but when I got back east I didn’t have a long time of working here either. I would think that any job all of the money you made should be in your Social Security and your disability. No that is not true. The court room is the Devil’s Playground. You really have to stay prayed up before you go there and while you’re in there! It took me six or 7 years to get my disability. One of the problems was I was too young I was in my late 40s it didn’t matter what my diagnosis was they went by my age mostly. I’m so glad I moved back east and dealt with all of that disability mess here then in California there is no way I would have survived that mess there! California takes care of migrants before it takes care of its own people I’ve heard of these people getting like $3,000 or more a month on Social Security just for them to live on and I’m getting you know I’m getting nothing compared to that! I’m not even getting $1,000 a month. but the good news is the Lord is with us and takes care of us all along the way. Remain positive keep all your paperwork make sure you go to your doctor’s appointments. and I will keep you in my prayers! God bless you Michael the Lord has his hands on you and he will lead you where you need to go. Peace brother!

  5. Your lawyer any good? I always thought you won by default? When they didn’t show up? Counter offer 3 years lost wages plus your lawyer fees. Write it down, pray over it, win your case in GOD’S throne room first. There’s a teaching on that. Google it. Get God’s help you can do it don’t get weary!! You are an eagle, glide when you get tired. Pray for strength and refreshing. Most important find your psalm, maybe I get it for you. 💓 be encouraged.

  6. I didn’t see the ship but at exactly 1 minute a white square object came in on the left and continued until it blended into the cloud at 1:14. Right under the cloud it runs horizontally for 14 seconds??

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