The Most Southern California Vlog Ever/ LEGIT FOOD REVIEW | Vlog #2

In this Southern California- themed vlog I show you around my school, internship, and some other cool places. I included a surprise LEGIT FOOD REVIEW at the end of the video.

I actually recorded this last week. I didn’t get enough time to edit this fully and upload it until now. I’m pretty much done with this vlog lol. Not really happy how this turned out, but whatevs. Vlogs are pretty much filler until the next skit/ storytime video.

Hope you guys enjoy! Comment below and i’ll try my best to get back to ya.

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24 thoughts on “The Most Southern California Vlog Ever/ LEGIT FOOD REVIEW | Vlog #2

  1. this gives me such nice vibes because i recognize these places so well!! i drive through one area you showed in Point Loma everyday ahh

    1. Yo wait whaaaaat? That means you’re really close to me! Oml. If you see me around loma lemme know! It would be totally cool to meet my subscribers irl. I’m usually filming stuff at liberty/ balboa with my friends on the weekends. We’re planning to shoot some stuff this weekend, not sure on the location yet. If you know where adalbertos is you can usually find me there at dinnertime. I love carne asada fries omg.

    1. I just happen to live in a nice area, it’s good in some places and bad in others. I’m sure Britland has some cool places too!

    1. Aw, thanks man. 😀 Glad you see my content that way! I’m always making new videos, hopefully this next one i’m working on will make ya happy.

  2. >I succ at art

    Just know that your face drawing alone is probably better than whatever I can do. The best I can do are high school desk doodles. xD

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