The Original Taco Bell Tacos – MEXICAN STREET FOOD Tour in Los Angeles, California!

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Thanks to Jeffrey Merrihue () and Austin Burgess ().

Along with Jeffrey and Austin – two food extreme friends, we set off on a day of Mexican food and fun feasting in greater LA.

Gilberto’s Taquiza – For the first stop on this Mexican street food tour, we drove all the way to West Covina, California, about 45 minutes from Central Los Angeles, to a little spot known as Gilberto’s Taquiza. Jeffrey made sure to call Gilberto himself to reserve some of the meat dripping dynamite sticks to make sure we had some. The dynamite sticks are essentially stewed lamb, cooked until fall apart tender and dripping with oil. In order to make them he dunked a tortilla into the hot oil, sizzled it on the hot plate, filled it with the fall apart tender meat, and rolled it up into a taquito. The result was spectacular. Everything else was delicious too, but the dynamite sticks were crazily good.
Total price – $35 for everything

Birrieria Guadalajara – Next we drove a little further towards Riverside, California, to eat birria, a special Mexican goat stew. Again, this is another Mexican food that just melts in your mouth, meat cooked until fall apart tender. It was spectacular and all the staff were very friendly as well.
Total price – $32 for everything

Mitla Cafe – Right across the street from Birrieria Guadalajara you will find Mitla Cafe, home to the original crunchy American taco. An American taco is a crunchy shell, ground beef, iceberg lettuce, yellow cheese, and tame salsa. As the true story goes, Glen Bell was selling food across the street and used to come to Mitla Cafe to eat their amazing crunchy tacos. Eventually he got the owner to show him how to make the crunchy tacos, and he later started the entire taco bell empire. The downside is that he never admitted that he got the idea and recipe from Mitla Cafe. It’s nice to see Mitla Cafe is still doing very well, and their crunchy American tacos are fantastic.
Price – $13.95

Taco Bell – Yes, just for comparison purposes, we had to go to the nearly Taco Bell. It had been years since I had last eaten taco bell. I have to admit the crunchy tacos were decent, but the crunchwrap supreme doritos locos thing we order, nope. That just didn’t do it for me.

Mariscos Jalisco – Finally to end this Mexican street food tour of LA, we headed to Mariscos Jalisco, a legendary seafood truck serving their famous shrimp tostadas and the Poseidon. They were delicious in every dimension, and it was the perfect ending to this full day of amazing Mexican food in LA.
Total price – $13 for everything

Thank you for watching this LA food video!


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40 thoughts on “The Original Taco Bell Tacos – MEXICAN STREET FOOD Tour in Los Angeles, California!

  1. Was at Mitla Cafe two weeks ago and their menu only mentions shredded beef, not ground beef. Because ground beef wasn’t mentioned on the menu I specifically asked the waitress if the shredded beef crispy tacos were what inspired Glenn Bell and she said yes. I kind of wonder if they gave you actual meatballs that they would normally use in the albondigas soup.

  2. OMG Mark Wiens just drove past the freeway in my city. My house use to be right around the corner; that’s still my neighborhood. From Africa to around where I live, that’s just amazing!

  3. Also I noticed no gloves being worn. I’m calling health department on these dirty people. Thanks mark for getting them shut down.

  4. I grew up on the West Texas border and love Mexican food. However, Taco Bell ain’t it ! Now, the other stops you guys made was starving me to death. Looked so good. Thanks guys, great video!

  5. Hey guys great video ad always !’ Just want to let you know that the restaurant is not in Riverside California these restaurants are in San Bernardino I live in that area and yes these are great places to go to enjoy food with family especially to birrieria on sundays’n

  6. Hey mark! If you’re ever in San Bernardino again I’d love to show you authentic Mexican tacos my uncle owns a food truck in SB and I’d love to show you!!

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