The PERFECT Summer Day in CALIFORNIA! – Delicious Food & Water Park (Buena Park)

We had the most amazing summer day here in Buena Park, California! After some incredible Vietnamese Phở, we head to the famous water park, Knott’s Soak City, then finish up with some incredible Italian food and a Witch themed bar 🧙‍♀️

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11 thoughts on “The PERFECT Summer Day in CALIFORNIA! – Delicious Food & Water Park (Buena Park)

  1. Buena Park and you don’t go to the most famous restaurant in town and the reason the water park and amusement park exist?! Knott’s restaurant is incredible food and the pie is amazing.

  2. THE WATERPARK LOOKED SO MUCH FUN! I haven’t been to one of those in years! The trips you’re taking in America are so chilled and I feel like your gliding from city to city, it’s so nice to see 😌😌 can’t wait to see you guys head to the theme park in the next one!

  3. Had a moment for a second at 7:32 ….dude! Your drinks on fire!!! 😂 you guys need your own travel company as everywhere you go I’m like yeah that looks cool add it to my to do list

  4. Grew up in the next city over from Buena Park in La Palma. Went to Knott’s at least once a year. No water park back then

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