Trending Vegan Food at Gracias Madre in West Hollywood, California

Vegan food is all the rage right now! We tried some various vegan dishes at the trendy Gracias Madre in West Hollywood, California. For additional information, visit our blog:

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17 thoughts on “Trending Vegan Food at Gracias Madre in West Hollywood, California

  1. I’m the same as the both of you, not a vegan but I still enjoy the vegan food. The tacos looked so good and I could imagine that the guacamole would taste so fresh since its a vegan place. Side note I’ll be in Riverside Ca the week after Easter and was going to checked out the Save by the Bell place you went to.

    1. Yay!! Can’t wait to see your experience at the Saved By the Bell cafe. We had such a great time there.

  2. Glad you dived into some vegan food. I love eating vegan food and prefer it to animal based recipes. The guacamole looked really delicious.

  3. I have to be honest I have just not gotten into the vegan food scene. I love veggies and nonmeat products but I also love meat haha. I do appreciate how healthy food can taste really good and you did a good job showcasing the different spots.

    1. We’re not vegan either but wanted to check out this place to see if we could do all vegan food 🙂

  4. What’s the end verdict on the vegan food? It all looked really good to me, especially the cauliflower and guacemole.
    I couldn’t hear everything you were saying, there was a lot of background noise going on…

    1. Yeah, sorry about background noise. It got really loud in there towards the end. We’ll be close-captioning it soon! The end verdict: Most of our dishes were great except maybe for the cauliflower dish. I really enjoyed it but Candy wasn’t that impressed with it. Our favorite was probably the jackfruit tacos.

  5. Looks like some tasty food! I’m not vegan myself, but all that food looked pretty delicious!

  6. would try the taco…. the place is jam packed, looks like they’re serving really delicious dishes… the scene “it taste like cauliflower” made me laugh 😀

  7. Mmm, smooth margarita. I tried jackfruit before. It has an interesting consistency. I didn’t love it, but I bet it would be so much tastier in a restaurant. Mine was packaged from a store. 🙁 I could live off chips and guacamole. It all looked so yummy.

    1. You’ll definitely need to try the jackfruit again in a taco format because it’s amazingly good!

  8. I sometimes eat vegan too, but I would never become vegan. Partly because I know so many people who are the “annoying vegan” type! 😁

    1. LOL we don’t really know any annoying vegans but we’re far from becoming vegan. We just wanted to see what it was like 🙂

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