Trying Food at Sonoma Terrace | Disney California Adventure

Craig and Kylie are Disney California Adventure and have a need for some meatballs! In this video, they’re going to try the Meatball Sandwich and the De Vil-ishly Delectable Wings, a special Halloween Time offering. Watch and see what they thought about their choices!

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11 thoughts on “Trying Food at Sonoma Terrace | Disney California Adventure

  1. Dang that looked good. 🤤 don’t worry Kylie, you’re not alone in the “I don’t like spicy” department 😆

  2. “That’s how Pete pays us, in meatballs.”, coming from the guy eating a free meatball sub on a free vacation to California and is able to call it his career. I’d give you an f word if this wasn’t a family channel.

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